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[IP] The final article in the diabetes series

Here's today's link to Betsy's final entry  :    <A HREF="http://www.zwire.com/site/blocks/opinion/opinion.cfm?newsid=1221257&brd=1597&PAG=699&dept_id=188818"> #7</A> (or use the following 
URL): http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=1221257&BRD=1597&PAG=461&
dept_id=188818&rfi=6   .....I've also cut & pasted my reply that I e-mailed 
the paper/...hope some of you will express your appreciation too for the 7 
wks worth of front page space devoted to "our" cause!
   Happy New Year & may 2001 bring us even closer to a cure than did the 
Edmonton news in May of 2000!
Regards, Renee Bernett
Dear Betsy:
    Although I have found this entire series to be exemplary, offering an 
accurate representation of life with diabetes for 4 local families, none of 
the previous 6 articles impacted me as emotionally as did your candid 
revelations about your own emotional roller-coaster produced by your young 
son's diagnosis of diabetes. I relived that unnerving sensation of leaving 
the hospital with Melissa's care solely in our hands, of calling CHOP 
hysterical when her blood sugar went below 80, of panicking when I 
accidentally injected air along with the insulin in her syringe. Eight years 
later, this life is our "norm", yet as our 18 year old is still asleep at 
1:00, how "normal" is it when my husband looks at me alarmed that I haven't 
yet "checked" on her to make sure her blood sugar is ok. Yesterday, she slept 
late & it was 132, today it was 68, prompting intervention with a 
quick-acting sugar. 
   You and Warren Patton, your editor, are to be highly commended for 
enhancing the public's understanding of why this insidious disease NEEDS to 
be cured & why those of us profiled do all that we do for the JDRF to 
expedite the likelihood of all of our children benefitting from a cure one 
Renee Bernett 
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