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[IP] TO the kids and parent's of kids on pumps

I really take my hat off to you for all the work and strain of getting the 
kids started pumping young (Insurance is probably the biggest pain that 
shouldn't even be a thought).  40 years ago (right after I turned two) I 
started on three or four shots a day with a glass syringe that had to be 
boiled and urine testing with clinitest (how many today even KNOW what this 
volcanic sugar test is).

I can't imagine how my parents were able to feed me and give me shots to 
control the diabetes with only a urine test (that is both innacurate and 
four-six hours late) but somehow thank G-d they did it.

ALmost 20 years ago I started pumping when I lost my vision (hemoraging over 
macula and optic nerve).  The eye doctor told me he couldn't operate without 
blinding me (which the hemoraging was already doing) and my diabetic doctor 
offered me the pump as a 'last resort'.  The pumps then were about twice as 
long, wide and thick as todays pumps, had only ONE basal rate (which was 
adjusted by diluting the insulin) and had a nine-volt rechargable battery that 
had to be replaced every 22 hours (for real, if you changed at 10PM the next 
day it might only last until 8PM).

I can tell you that in the last 20 years I have had incredible good fortune.  
I regained my vision within a few months of pumping and have had no major long 
term complications that weren't reversible since!  (I have had gastro, 
charcot, and some nueropathy but currently all of these are in remission and 
all I want is a working glucose sensor)

Keep these kids in good control!  It is their best bet for a good future until 
the cure or at least a mechanical equivelent is working (I've heard about 
these being available 'in five to ten years' from the time I was diagnosed 
fourty years ago) (with glucose sensors and internal pumps on the very near 
horizon we may be getting real close)

Yerachmiel Altman
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