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[IP] Iíve got a Secret

Book Review by our own Steve Deal, RN

Ive got a Secret
By Jade Elizabeth Gamber

This is a story of a courageous nine-year-old girl who shares with us what
it is like to be diagnosed with diabetes at such a young age. From being
hospitalized during her diagnosis to vacationing with a new disease, Jade
shows incredible inner strength and the ability to overcome any obstacles
that diabetes puts in front of her. A wonderful collection of Jades
drawings and color pictures help you to get a glimpse into her active life
shortly after diagnosis. She speaks out about her diabetes and takes the
time to educate those around her about what diabetes is and how it does not
prevent her from doing the things she loves. As was evident in my last book
review, it appears that a very loving and supportive relationship with
family is a key part of her success. All proceeds will be donated to
diabetes research.
Thank you Jade, for not keeping your diabetes a secret!

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Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor
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