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Re: [IP] DM cure?

Hi, David Adams
I know that for  many years , many  people said that there is no cure for
diabetic people for many year but  I am christian  and  I know that  Jesus is
power cure for allllllllllllllllllll of everything and  he can heal  people who
are sick .  It is important for you to learn about  God's Word  and you will
learn more important  value things which comes from the Bible and  you can learn
from Benny Hinn  Ministry and it was awesome that  I read the magazine that  one
person was a former  diabetic and  Jesus  did already heal  him or her  and
that person became  full of joy inside  .  You should  look at  benny hinn
ministry to find out more about it   and it is natural to be curious  and  being
curious is not  sin .  Look at  new testament that  Jesus's  disciplines  were
curious  to ask him  many questions  and Jesus did not rebuke them .  ok  I hope
that  I make you feel comfortable  and you can reply to me later as long as you
consider about asking me some questions . I know that  many doctors has been
lied to children that there will be cures for diabetes but  in my heart, I
believe  that  Jesus is a powerful  wonderful  Healer of all people . All of
people  should  accept Jesus Christian as their  saviour and  I do not mean to
push you or other people  because  many people thought that  being  good
christian is by attending  church   but  my point is that  if  anyone  wants to
go to Heaven  , she or he has to realize that  they are lost  without the hope
which is reserved in Jesus and  I have to tell you the truth that  Jesus will
come  to the earth  very soooooooon than  we think. They have  to make  final
choice  by refusing to accept  Jesus or  accept Him as saviour. I do not mind
if  people will laugh at me  as long as they want to test me if  I can control
myself  but  Jesus can control my life with the power of the Holy Spirit .

Your  friend  Shawn

David Adams wrote:

> > There are probably more, but my point is that the lack of a
> > cure for diabetes is not surprising. It's disturbing that so many
> > doctors promised their patients a cure "in five years." I think
> > that's really dishonest -- they should have known that they
> > could not in good faith promise such a thing.
> Well put. Anything more than a couple of years out is science fiction,
> particularly in medical research. There is _no way_ to schedule
> products/cures that depend on basic breakthroughs that haven't happened yet.
> I develop software for a living and can tell you that "five years out" in
> that field means "we really have no idea if we'll get this to work or not."
> I was told "ten years to a cure" at the Joslin Clinic in Mass. 25 years ago
> when I was first diagnosed. I was also told that measuring all of my food,
> testing my urine, and taking a huge shot of Lente once a day would keep me
> in good control!
> David Adams
> Kailua, HI
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