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Re: [IP] Tincture of Benzoin Question???

> Hi all:  I picked up a bottle of Tincture to help my son's tape on his
> Sils stay in place...now what?  It is a bottle and has liquid.  I
> tried today to use a Q-tip and ran some around the edges of the
> peeling tape, but nothing happened?  Am I using the wrong stuff?  I
> have heard it referred to as "gorilla snot", this is not like that I
> don't think?  Should I be after the COMPOUND or what do I do?  When do
> I put it on and do I dab it around the whole spot I am inserting? So I
> let it dry??  Lots of questions now....Please let me now ASAP.
> Thanks, Shelly

Depends a little on the sets you are using and any other adhesives 
also.  I use the Gorilla Snot with my Tenders, IV Prep Wipes and 
IV3000.  First clean the area, then wipe with IV Prep Wipe, then 
apply Tincture, allow to dry a bit, apply the IV3000 with a hole cut 
out in the middle, swab the area of the hole with Prep Wipe to 
remove Tincture, then remove IV3000 cover and insert the Tender 
through the hole.

George Lovelace
Dxed 1964, Pumping 8/13/98
"Disetronic Made Me Whole Again"
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