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Re: [IP] "Pumping Insulin" books

Susan wrote:
>I keep hearing about these books by John Walsh and I am wondering if they are
>truely worth the money. I have priced them and see that they are about $20
>each. I don't want to spend the money if they aren't worth it.
>It is important to pinch as many pennies possible when you have three kids.
>My main interests right now are being able to adjust my carb. ratio and also
>my basals.
>Can anyone give me any insight on these books? Are they repetitive material
>or are they each something that covers new materials?

In my opinion you only need the latest (3rd edition) one. The first two were
written before Humalog. Each book covers the same basic material but each
one is more up to date (by several years) than its predecessor. The 3rd
edition has all the good stuff. You would probably have a hard time finding
the 1st edition to buy. In addition to being a Physician's Assistant (PA),
John Walsh has been a pumper for quite a few years, so he knows what we are
all looking for.

Others who have responded to your message suggested getting it from the
library. When you see it (3rd edition) I predict that you will quickly come
to the conclusion that it's a book you need to own because you never know
when you are going to need it, and it's much too detailed to remember all
that you need to remember. And when you need it it's usually something you
need right now. And what if someone else has taken it out of the library
just when you need it.
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