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Re: [IP] "Pumping Insulin" books

> I keep hearing about these books by John Walsh and I am wondering if
> they are truely worth the money. I have priced them and see that
> they are about $20 each. I don't want to spend the money if they
> aren't worth it. It is important to pinch as many pennies possible
> when you have three kids. My main interests right now are being able
> to adjust my carb. ratio and also my basals. Can anyone give me any
> insight on these books? Are they repetitive material or are they
> each something that covers new materials?

You should have a copy of "Pumping Insulin" it is well written and 
full of useful info for pumpers. There are specific instructions for 
basal adjustment and profiling. Insulin Pumpers is not affiliated 
with Walsh, I simply recommend this book based on my own experience.

Also see the HOWTO pagese of the web site. There is quite a bit of 
info on these subjects there as well.

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