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Re: [IP] DM cure?

Hi Greg,

While I do think the Joslin Clinic was feeding me a line, I still believe 
that the search for a cure is an active, if difficult and expensive 
one.  And I can't disparage any research that's done for a better 
treatment.  I have gained tremendous improvements in my life from the 
advent of bG monitoring and insulin pumps.

I think two of our members have already explained this much better than I 
could.  Search in the mail archives for postings from Jack Granowski and 
Janet Lafler with the subject line DM Cure?, or click on these links:




>Dear Liz,
>I have had IDDM for 31 years. I am
>convinced that the medical-pharmaceutical industry in concert with
>certain powers that be, really are not interested in curing
>diabetes or cancer. <snip> Many of you I
>expect will says this is hairbrain,
>crazy, and that I ought to be institutionalized. But before you
>send out the men in the white coats
>explain to me the fallacy of my logic.
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