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[IP] Re: Schools and coaches

Lindsey writes that her daughter has missed basketball practices and is 
banned from playing

<< My husband and I 
 have a meeting in January with the 2 coaches, the athletic director and her 
 advisor this year  >>

Lindsey - your decision to meet with these coaches directly and soon is to be 
commended.  Your goal, I'm sure, is not only to educate them about the 
realities of "managing" diabetes, but also to ascertain and to make them 
aware of their own fears and especially biases.  Adults often have 
assumptions, especially about preteens and teenagers - they're lazy, 
unpredictable, irresponsible etc.  Who knows what baggage these two are 
carrying and whether they're "using" your daughter as an example to others 
(if you miss practice, this is what will happen) or because they "fear" what 
will happen to this diabetic child.  Hopefully you can determine more clearly 
where they're coming from and do some "nose-to-nose and toes-to-toes" with 
them.  Your question, "is this really necessary" you've answered for 
yourselves.  Unfortunately, yes it is necessary to use every opportunity to 
confront ignorance and bias.  Good luck and keep us posted.  Jill T
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