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Re: [IP] Kids' Brochure

At 10:27 PM 12/27/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>Q. Will diabetes kill me?
>A. Diabetes is not a "death sentence." But it is a serious disease,
>and people can die from it. Usually this happens only after many
>years -- and it doesn't have to happen. Keeping diabetes under
>control may help you stay healthy as you get older. Good control
>will also help you feel better right now.
>This is just to set things up for a discussion of the more tech-
>nical issues of checking blood sugar, keeping a log, taking
>insulin, etc. Do you think this is an okay start? Is it honest
>enough without being too scary?

Hi Janet,

I like your answer; it's the question I have a problem with.  My experience 
as a young kid with diabetes was that as soon as an adult offered up an 
unsolicited comment on something that wouldn't or didn't have to happen to 
me, even though I had diabetes, I usually figured they were just trying to 
comfort me and it would.  Especially if it wasn't something I was worried 
about.  Otherwise, why would they mention it in the first place, since it 
wasn't going to affect me?  It seemed to me like evasive tapdancing.

For example, the first time I saw an OB/GYN, without my asking he told me 
that of course I could have children, even though I had diabetes.  It felt 
like a door slamming in my face.  I was then sure I couldn't have children, 
and wasn't convinced otherwise for quite some time.  (Steel Magnolias, of 
course, didn't help any.)

I guess my point is that this question does need to be answered honestly, 
but maybe only if it's asked.  Could you ask a question like, "How can I 
stay healthy with Diabetes?"

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