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Re: [IP] Re: Is all this really necessary and problems w/school coachs


  DON'T ask for speical favors concerning your daughter and the basketball 
team.  The one thing that the DMers Do want is to be thought of as equals to 
the other kids.  But if you ask the coaches for 'special' considerations 
BECAUSE of her DM then this is a doubled edged sword.  She should be allowed 
to be off on more days and still play but still be allowed to play even 
though she is DM???!  Don't use her DM as a crutch at this stage of the 
'game' because kids are really quick at picking up on that scenario and might 
start thinking that this is an acceptable attitude about everything in their 

Just my own personal opinion, as a mom of a young DMer and I won't allow him 
to use his dx as a crutch or excuse for anything!

mom to Joshua
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