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[IP] Thanks from a new pumper

I want to thank all of you for your creative ideas, your supportive
commentary, practical hints and careful warnings.  I have no idea how I could
have started this whole routine without your help.

I've been pumping for 2 wks now and had my share of weird and funny (not at
the time) moments.  I got a semi-gusher the first site I did, and I knew not
to panic, thanks to you.  Today I put in a new site (took only 20 minutes, not
1 hr and 45), messed up the adhesive cover, so with meter on table and site
with no adhesive, turned around to get another adhesive tape. pulled the meter
on the floor and  needle in the site pulled out, I wondered what to do,
besides swear (I didn't want to start the whole "fill the syringe, get the
bubbles out, prep the site, prime etc".  I took a new infusion set, quick
released and connected the new site end to the "old" pump end, primed and
inserted again.  I never would have used my common sense had I not read
similar solutions from you all.  I would have followed MM's book to the letter
or called my CDE.
Thanks, Kathie W.
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