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Re: [IP] Re: Friends and family

Thanks for responding to my posting.  Actually, I was thinking of a few 
members of the group last night, and you were one of them.  I was wondering 
what Cheyenne was like in general, and specifically, what it was like from a 
diabetic perspective.  I live in downtown Chicago which obviously is quite 
different.  My daughter has been to diabetic camps all around the country 
(Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Ohio) but not Wyoming.  It must be beautiful.  My 
daughter almost went to the camp in Montana.  The nice director told me that 
some of the kids who go to the camp are the only ones in their towns with 
diabetes, and really look forward to camp to be with other diabetic kids.

Anyway, as for the A1C question, my daughter is 14, and something tells me 
that her A1C will be in the 7s this next doctor's visit.  I am OK with that 
too because she is starting to not wake up at night until she is really low, 
and that is unbelievably hard on everybody.  I can hardly sleep at night 
myself because of it.  Daytime awareness is OK.  So now our numbers during 
the night are higher than they have been in the past which I presume will 
raise the A1C.  I want the best A1C we can get, but not at the cost of 
hideous lows during the night.  The honeymoon A1Cs were, of course, the best. 
 The medical people seem to have different philosophies about what level of 
control is appropriate for what age.  In Chicago and its suburbs, most of my 
diabetic mom friends have been to a couple of medical teams over the years.  
There are at least 4 or 5 teams to choose from, and they each have their own 
style and personalities.  It is one of our favorite topics; shopping around 
and critiquing medical teams for what we like and don't like!!
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