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[IP] Choosing a pump

On Sun, 24 Dec 2000 Dan Williams wrote:

>I have been given a choice of which pump I wish to use.  I have gotten
>information on the minimed, animas, and disetronic.  I am very confused
>about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

I have been pumping almost 20 years and have worn almost every pump made (no, 
I haven't worn H-Tron+ or D-Tron or Animas but I have worn probably more than 
almost everyone on list).

The pumps are all well engineered devices produced for consumer use (and 
abuse).  The real question is what kind of features you want/need in a pump.  
I have found that square wave basals and the ability to have more than one 
profile are absolutely needed and the convience of other 'nice' features 
(remote, vibrate mode, possiblity of a high basal infusion rate (up to 30 u/hr 
I think)) makes the Minimed 508 the pump of choice for myself.

I would get a chance to speak to people wearing the pumps and see the videos 
and speak with the reps from the different companies.  This will give you an 
idea of the kind of support and help you can expect from them once you have 
begun pumping (find out from your doctor how much you are going to get from 
him/her and how much you will depend on the rep for training).

(who remembers deciding on his first pump (AutoSyringe AS-6c) because the one 
guy he knew who wore the Mill Hill pump had three 'runaways' in the previous 
two weeks)

(run-aways, for those new to pumping, are the reason that pumps have the 
wonderful patented motors that cannot overdeliver.  I don't remember the last 
time I heard about a runaway or even a runaway alarm going off)
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