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[IP] Choosing a pump

    I have a daughter on a MM 508, and I am a Diabetes Educator, as well
as a Certified Pump Trainer for Disetronic and Mini Med.
    There are advantages to both MiniMed and Disetronic (not familiar
with Animas).  For Minimed, the advantages that I have found are: size
(smaller than the H-tron and D-tron, the company support and educational
material is fantastic, excellent help line by phone for any
troubleshooting problems.  The only disadvantages I personally see, is
that you have to fill your own insulin cartridge (it's a small
disadvantage, but when we are running late for school or other
obligations and have to do an unexpected change, it takes time.) Also,
insulin is wasted when you do a site change before the cartridge is
    Advantages of the D-Tron and H-tron is that they are waterproof and
can be worn swimming, they use pre-filled insulin cartridges which can
be reused in pen or pump so, little waste of insulin, and the Swiss
engineering is excellent.  The support by phone is a little slow and
I've been on hold for long periods with them.  Also, the patient
education material is not as "user friendly" as with MiniMed.  (More
technical, by the numbers, etc.
    All in all, they both produce excellent pumps and regardless of
which you choose, you will reap the benefits of greatly improved control
and a more flexible, less scheduled life with diabetes.  Best wishes!
Bonnie A. Stone
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