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Re: [IP] DM cure?

My belated two cents:

I think that the real problem is that finding a cure for any
disease is extremely difficult. It's impossible to predict what
roadblocks will arise.

True cures in medicine are very rare. There is no cure for
any virus, for example. Most of the things we think of as
cures are preventative measures: vaccines, public health
measures, etc. Or, for many diseases, there are drugs that
treat symptoms while the body heals, or drugs (like insulin
or anti-depressants, or various AIDS drugs ) that make it 
possible to manage a chronic disease. Some forms of cancer, 
if caught early, can be treated effectively, but most doctors 
don't call that a cure. Off the top of my head, I can only think 
of a few true cures:

surgical cures (an appendectomy, for example)
antibiotics (bacterial infections)
vitamins (deficiency diseases)

There are probably more, but my point is that the lack of a
cure for diabetes is not surprising. It's disturbing that so many
doctors promised their patients a cure "in five years." I think
that's really dishonest -- they should have known that they 
could not in good faith promise such a thing.

It will be interesting to see whether there's a cure before
perfected management (e.g. a closed-loop pump) gets to 
the point where it's a virtual cure.

/Janet Lafler

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