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Re: [IP] Re: Add me to the H/V mixing gang

> Michael,
> At 10:41 AM 12/27/00 -0800, you wrote:
> <snip>
> >Actually the credit for the idea goes to a gentleman who joined the
> >list briefly in 1997 and quickly disappeared again. I don't know his
> >name but am personally very greatful for the idea. For the longest
> >time no one else tried the technique except Lily -- then Mary Jean
> >Renstrom tried it and the then a few more folks -- it has spread
> >quickly since then as has the recognition that many people are
> >sensitive to Humalog or one of it's components. It would sure be
> >nice if Ely Lilly would do a study to identify what the irritating
> >agent is in the insulin.
> >
> >Michael
> >email @ redacted
> When did H come out?  I mixed within a couple of months of it coming
> out - only reason I don't mix is cause even mixing requires me to
> change the site more often than I am willing to...
> My old profile (1997) still says 50/50.....

Hmmm.... I don't recall exactly. Lily started using it almost 
immediately when it did. The doc gave her a vial on one of her 

I just checked through the archives --- interesting discussons of 
experimenting with Humalog in mid 1997 in volume one. AND there, in 
volume 2 #7 I find you comments about mixing H & V. Mucho thanks for 
the suggestion, it sure worked for my child and many others.

A hero's thanks to Jim !!!!

email @ redacted
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