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[IP] Medicare

Sent on behalf of Armsted Harris:

I too am in the clutches of Medicare and experiencing those same
frustrations. I tought I was all set to receive my 'durable medical
supplies' and then all of a sudden I had a message from MINImed that they
were holding up my order pending my getting an appointment with my ENDO. I
called the lady back; Christina, who was wonderfully nice; and she advised
me that I must see the Endo (person supervising my pump therapy) every 3
months....Medicare was checking up on them. It would not do that I see my
PCP every 3 months and the ENDO annually....she apologizied all over the
place but said it was all Medicare. I am looking for some place to lobby
our case. The lady at MINImed was most reassuring when I told her I was
about to run out of 'soft sets and resavouirs......quote...'oh, I'm not
going to let you run out...you'll have them by noon tomorrow' sure enough
they did arrive (samples). Well since then I have been to my ENDO and he is
totally frustrated with it and says he will not be taking anymore Medicare
patients from now on. He will be required to verify that I have and
appointment every 3 months. The lady said I would not ever need a C-peptide
again....well we will see.
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