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[IP] family; cure; etc

Mag Said: "Why go?'

I'm going to my mean, awful brother's house because I really really want to
see his kids and this is the only chance I've had in almost two years. They
don't give two $#%'s about Lauren's diabetes and never have. Don't give to
our huge JDF walk effort (didn't even go though I was state chair this year)
But I don't want to be as bad as them. It's just a chance to see the kids.
And I don't lie to Lauren, I tell it like it is so she's not hurt or upset.

As for "a cure in five years" I get frustrated when people say stuff to
Lauren like, "Oh, there will be a cure in a year!" because I don't want her
to get depressed or let down when it does not come true. There was an awful
article in People Mag recently about the Edmonton Protocol that made it
sound like a piece of cake, which led MORE people to say, "Hey, there IS a
cure!" But I DO have hope. I have hope that the pump will extend her life
and make it easier! I have hope that she will always be the strong,
confident person she is now (I have a non D teen girl - -I KNOW how hard
this is going to be when she is a teen) and I have hope that there will be
even better tools in her future. I really hope that they at least get some
kind of vaccination. It just kills me when I hear of new dx's.BTW I will be
representing the JDF -- now the JDRF -- in Washington in Feb. to get even
more $$$$$ for our cause.

Now I'd better stop blabbing -- in a few weeks when Lauren starts pumping
I'm really going to need you all! Better not burn you out early!

Mom of Lauren, 9, to be pumping Jan 22
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