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Re: [IP] Medicare as Primary Insurance

> For all of you whom like I went over the magic age of 65, and all of
> a sudden your primary insurance becomes Medicare.  I have been
> insulin dependant over 40 plus years and for the last 6 years on the
> pump, but good old Medicare does not believe me and I had to take a
> C-Peptide test, plus my doctor had to fill 2 pages of diabetes
> (mine) personal information, plus my MD has to provide written
> information that I take blood readings 4 times per day - all of this
> so that I can get supplies for my pump - regardless, it is costing
> the "Tax Payer" between $500 to $800 to prove that I am insulin
> dependant - why cant Medicare get the information from existing
> records?  Keep in mind that I am going on my third week getting the
> information prepared, don't wait till the last minute.

As I recall, if you are already on the pump none of this is 
necessary. The text of the regulations are on the LINKS page of the 
web site.

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