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Re: [IP] Cute story

> Hello all,
> "Oh! That's too bad
> that you won't be able to wear a bikini anymore. "Lauren said,
> "Why?" and he said, "People will see where your pump goes in." To
> which she said, not missing a beat, "Gosh, I don't think that's
> something I should be ashamed of, do you? I'll be proud of it!" She
> is just an AWESOME kid. Just had to brag!

very AWESOME, and just for reassurance, my 17yo daughter has been 
wearing bikini's for a long time now. She places her sets on her 
upper butt (preferred), or lower abdomen. Both places are invisible 
for bikini's except for the "string" kind. Lily use the 
Tender/Sil/Comfort set. AND!!! she has none of those awful marks and 
bruises on her legs that she used to have while on MDI. ha!

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