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Re: [IP] Re: Friends and family


Basicly, what you say was my only message.  i am in agreement with you.
However form my own expereince the same expereince of many others; it is
important to never use a "definite" with a kid.  "Good control and hard
work will dely complictaions, hopefully until a cure is found" is healthy
as contratsed to the unhealthy:  "Good control and hard work will prevent
complications and you can live a normal life".

What happened and is still unfortunatelty happening is that so many kids
are growing up blaming those longer-duration diabetics for their
complications and in the end when these kids are diagnosed with
complications; they balme themeselves, realize they have been lied to and
loss all faith in their own worth and any efforts in Dm or health.  they
think they somehow "failed".

I believe in the truth and preparing kids for reality.  No I don;t dwell on
it.  I just hate to see kids being mislead as to the purpose of their

that's all.  Keep the hope.  Keep the optimisim but ther is a fine line
between a lie and a hope.

>This lie (good control will prevent complications) was presented very clearly
>to our family when our daughter was diagnosed.  When they discovered that an
>aunt and uncle had it, and we experienced where this road led, they went out
>of their way to say that it was all different now.  My daughter's endo told
>her "there was no reason she couldn't live until she was ninety - if she took
>care of herself".  No reason except diabetes, I now know.  The final sad
>conclusion I came to as a parent, looking at the current medical picture, and
>not at my less fortunate in-laws who lived through the urine strip days, was
>that complications are still inevitable.  It is a question of when, of young
>or old.  For all the work that tight control demands of an individual, it is
>best viewed as a justified effort to stack the deck and increase the odds.
>But I find myself colluding with the medical people, and encouraging the view
>with my daughter, that she will avoid complications if she works hard to take
>care of herself.  Like a nice tidy equation.  I also fear I promote the age
>old hope of "a cure is in sight".  I hope she is rewarded for all her effort,
>because she is working hard and being told these things by everyone,
>including her parents.  Oh, don't worry, you won't turn out like Aunt Debbie.
> That was then, this is now.  What else can you do as a parent?  You gotta
>have hope, buy time, and take care of business in the meantime.  I can
>understand the anger in those dialysis patients who worked so hard, played by
>the rules, and got caught anyway.
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Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 3 weeks + thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends!
In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!
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