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Re: [IP] Re: Friends and family

This lie (good control will prevent complications) was presented very clearly 
to our family when our daughter was diagnosed.  When they discovered that an 
aunt and uncle had it, and we experienced where this road led, they went out 
of their way to say that it was all different now.  My daughter's endo told 
her "there was no reason she couldn't live until she was ninety - if she took 
care of herself".  No reason except diabetes, I now know.  The final sad 
conclusion I came to as a parent, looking at the current medical picture, and 
not at my less fortunate in-laws who lived through the urine strip days, was 
that complications are still inevitable.  It is a question of when, of young 
or old.  For all the work that tight control demands of an individual, it is 
best viewed as a justified effort to stack the deck and increase the odds.  
But I find myself colluding with the medical people, and encouraging the view 
with my daughter, that she will avoid complications if she works hard to take 
care of herself.  Like a nice tidy equation.  I also fear I promote the age 
old hope of "a cure is in sight".  I hope she is rewarded for all her effort, 
because she is working hard and being told these things by everyone, 
including her parents.  Oh, don't worry, you won't turn out like Aunt Debbie. 
 That was then, this is now.  What else can you do as a parent?  You gotta 
have hope, buy time, and take care of business in the meantime.  I can 
understand the anger in those dialysis patients who worked so hard, played by 
the rules, and got caught anyway.
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