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[IP] families that don't understand

>snip<Ince again as over the past 27 years i find that a type i diabetic
function socially with friends nor family.  I swear if one more person gets
angry with me for the extra time it takes to calculate insulin boluses nor
test; I'll shoot them!  >snip<


Two weeks ago Lauren went to a birthday party. She goes on the pump Jan 22
but for now is counting carbs and bolusing with a Humalog pen. So I know she
knows what to do at the party. She comes home afterward and says "Well I
pretty much had to eat alone. By the time I had checked my blood, counted
the carbs and taken my insulin everyone was done. So I missed one of the
games!!" Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

And this coming weekend we are visiting my brother in vermont. He has  seven
bedroom house, mind you, but felt it would be better if my sister and her
kids and my mother stay with him but we stay in a hotel. Now, we are still
on NPH and all so we need to feed Lauren breakfast on time etc you all know
the drill. This will mean getting up and getting to a restaurant early
rather than just roaming downstairs to a warm kitchen in our PJ's. When i
tried to explain this, they said, "Oh, gosh, there are plenty of restaurants
around." Some people just plain stink. But others are wonderful. I'm going
to focus on the wonderful ones. Like Lauren's school, which is actually
EXCITED and INERESTED and MOTIVATED for her to be first kid on a pump. Now
that's MY venting!

Mom of Lauren, 9 yr old to be pumping in less than a month!!
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