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Re: [IP] Re: Friends and family

> It is very difficult to deal with and I understand that but I DO NOT want
> people to treat me with pity or kid gloves because of it.  I want to live my
> life and enjoy it as much as I can without the limitations that others can
> try and put on me.

So true! For me, the main issue in having a chronic illness is quality of
life, not a cure. I find a lot of non-diabetic people have an urgent need to
say "oh, but there is/will be a cure, no?" Why? I think it's because they
don't want to deal with how scared they are of sickness and death. I've
lived with diabetes for 25 years since I was a teenager. I wouldn't choose
such a thing, but it isn't the worst thing in the world to be reminded of
your mortality from time to time. I don't see much benefit in excessive
morbidity either, of course.

* I'm not waiting for a cure, but I'll be thrilled if one turns up that
doesn't involve taking steroids and/or anti-rejection drugs for the rest of
my life.

* Try and live a good life! Why not?

* Hope for the best.

David Adams
Kailua, HI
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