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Re: [IP] Re: Friends and family

Hi Michelle,
I think that the tide has swung from treating diabetic kids as invalids 
(don't do this, don't do that), to viewing diabetic kids as not having as big 
a problem as they really do have.  My diabetic 42 year old sister in law 
marvels at what my daughter does at her diabetic camps; repelling off 
mountain sides and taking 5 mile overnight wilderness hikes vs. the more 
traditional, tame camping stuff.  She also can't believe the way daughter 
pigs out on almost anything she wants vs. the highly restricted, scheduled 
programs she was subjected to in the 50s, 60s and 70s.  A lot of times when 
people hear that my daughter is diabetic, they will say "What strides have 
been made in that field!"  True, the management is better and the kids aren't 
singled out and told they can't do anything, but it still is so hard being 
diabetic.  The problem is that the public is misinformed.  If people only 
knew how heroic most diabetics are, that they work their arses off on their 
own behalf, that they suffer without being martyrs, then diabetics would be 
better appreciated, supported and more of an effort would be made to cure 
this damn disease.  I respect you for your pride and desire to be a full, 
able bodied person in this competitive society of ours.
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