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[IP] season,hormones,stress grrrrrr

I am writing just to vent..Any helpful ideas from anyone???  Is it the 
season??or mixed up hormones on this 41 yr old female who went 10 days late 
with a usually normal cycle??or the stress of the daughters wedding which is 
2 weeks away???  I kind of think the latter.  Which has been fun but  
extreely stressful becuz....
The place we ordered the dress from...we finally just a week ago went to 
another place and bought a off the rack one with a nice discount  and so 
happy to get one in a similar style etc...but all of the arguments and ups 
and downs with the other place has left me wiped...I have not experienced 
such up and downs since pumping(feb 2000) seems like my basals are not doing 
the job but kinda scared to do much changing in the event of surely crashing 
when things settle down!! so just poking myself basically every 2 waking 
hours and keeping a close watch for ketones...etc..oh yeah..and just got rid 
of a yeast infection too..stressed backwards is desserts as we all know which 
have been plentiful this time of year but I did not even attempt them:(.   
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