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Re: [IP] Re: Friends and family

Kerri, Michelle and Others,
OK, let me chime in on this one!  Of course, diabetes is not a death sentence 
and it is really annoying and unproductive when people view a diabetic child 
as doomed.  Especially for the kids today, the outlook is good for a cure in 
time to spare them the consequences.  However, let's not forget how diabetes 
immediately puts its victims in a category that reduces their average life by 
about 15 years.  This is a fact.  I have seen diabetes RUIN my sister-in-laws 
life; and by the age of tender age of 32.  Yes, she took good care of 
herself.  It happened anyway.  And my diabetic brother-in-law who is 52?  
What happened to him?  Almost nothing.  He has also taken the same good care 
of himself.  It is impossible to tell which diabetics will be hurt early in 
life, from those individuals who won't be affected until later.  But it is a 
fact, that unless something else happens such as another disease or an 
accident, diabetes will kills people before their time.  If not through the 
kidneys and all the rest, then through heart disease. If a cure is not found, 
or a significantly better management technique implemented, many of our 
diabetic children will have shortened lives and lives filled with doctors' 
appointments and disability.  We are talking about averages and groups here.  
If you are diabetic, you are in an entirely different category on a number of 
issues.  Without wearing a purple heart, nor emphasizing these cruel facts to 
my child, my attitude is to fight this disease which kills people inch by 
inch.  The lucky ones are able to buy time and lead pretty good lives.  The 
lucky ones.  My experience has been that most people don't realize the 
devastation Type 1 causes.  It ruins lives and in many cases, ultimately 
delivers an early death.  The JDRF's mission is to get this message out to 
people, so that we can fight this thing and find a cure.  I have a friend 
that thinks the 5 shots her kid takes every day is "no big deal", after all, 
she could have a learning disability, which is worse!  This mom has not 
experienced the pain of a loved one's life being destroyed by Type 1, and 
therefore has no idea what she is dealing with.  And if a cure is not found, 
that is where a certain percentage of our children are going.  This is a 
fact, not my opinion.  The "it's not so bad" face to the world does not help 
getting the funding we need for a cure.  I don't bring it up to people often, 
FEAR OF THE FUTURE."  Advocacy is critical to a cure, and it involves putting 
yourself and to a certain extent, your kid out there.  We need money for a 
cure.  Sorry I became so adamant on this.  Nothing personal.
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