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[IP] Re: DM cure

This is a recurring theme on pumpers, along with
'which pump is better?', ignorance of others,
etc.  IIRC, Jim brought out the fact that most
research is financed by the Governments and
Universities (here and abroad).  I have always
felt that the people that go into this type of
work are doing it for more than a job.  They
either truly want to help, want their name to go
down as the next Jonas Salk or would be able to
give training, lectures, etc. and would make
their fortune that way.  Do people really think
that Lilly, Sav-On Drugs, MM, (D's research is
in Europe) etc. are going to be able to pay off
these researchers, especially the ones in
Universities?  With our media now, it is an
absolute that eventually trying to cover up a
cure would be found out, and that company would
be ruined.  Did eyeglass manufacturers buy off
the developers of lazer surgery which eliminates
the need for glasses?  Is the cure for cancer
and hiv being withheld also?  In the 50's how
did we get a cure for polio?  I'll guess that
many have not even heard of the Sister Kinney
Institute, they cured my brother of polio.  My
Ophthalmologist(?) sings and dances when I see
him, because his 7 retinopathy surgeries were
successful and I only need to see him once a
year.  He won't make as much money off of me
because I'm not deteriorating.  Why are Dentists
the biggest advocates for fluoride and proper
dental care?

The suppliers are doing research into their own
areas of expertise.  This is how we got testers,
pumps, etc. and how we will get implants,
peritoneal shunts, continuos bg sensors, etc.

Health care is one of the, if not THE, fastest
growing fields.  Remember us baby boomers aren't
dying off quick enough and there is going to be
a lot of even the non dm'ers needing care as
time goes on.  If dm does get a cure, everything
will just be refocused.

I will believe there will be a cure when I can
trash my D as I was told ('66) that there would
be a cure in 5-10 years (which caused me to not
take care of myself as well as I should have).
I am not paranoid enough to believe that people
want to keep me as a dme'er so they can make
more money.  There is also a lot of research for
T2's, but will probably be more successful in
avoiding it from developing, not for helping
those currently afflicted.

>I don't think you're the only one who has had
those thoughts.  I've always
>thought the same thing in my 18 years with D.
A cure would put a lot of
>people (doctors, supply companies, etc.) out
of business, and that has been
>slowing down the drive to find a cure.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
I haven't failed. I've found 10 000 ways that
don't work.
 - Thomas Edison
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