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Re: [IP] Seizure, Todd's Paralysis

Speaking of seizures, we now have a monitor in our daughter's bedroom, so I 
can hear the very first subtle signs of a low (restlessness, talking, 
shouting out).  She used to wake up at around 50, but now doesn't until 35 or 
25!  She has seizured once, and we had to use the glucagon.  Since then, she 
has gone so low that she has actually fought off a seizure but has still 
jerked every 20 seconds or so.  In the meantime, I give her gel and tabs, 
tell her to swallow, and stroke her head to keep her calm.  She gets so 
terrified of the seizure and the horrible thoughts racing through her head.  

My question is this:  What is going on when she later tells me that she was 
fighting off a seizure (and appeared to be doing so)?  When I see that first 
jerking motion, I know we are in trouble. What is the jerking and can you 
have any affect on delaying a diabetic seizure?  Any permanent brain damage 
here?  Why do some diabetics seizure and others don't?
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