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[IP] Re: Divorcing from family and friends

> Once again as over the past 27 years i find that a type i diabetic cannot
function socially with friends nor family.  I swear if one more person gets
angry with me for the extra time it takes to calculate insulin boluses nor
test; I'll shoot them!  I know we diabetics are a royal pain to be around
because of the time we need for self-maintenance and dietary calculations but
I really can't teake any more presure to "get my ass in gear and hurray up".
I tolerated that form all my friends and family and that's it.  As of tonight
I am divorcing myself from family and friends excpet ones who are sick as
well. Darrin Parker>>

Sadly, you are NOT alone. I hope the ones who are *sick* whom you are going to
be around can understand YOUR dilemma which may be different than theirs. When
I was pumping Regular Insulin, my mom could hardly wait for my 20 min. wait to
be up so SHE could eat at a restaurant - not considering my life was so much
better via the pump. Another turned on heels and walked away when I was
showing someone my pump.

Here is an excerpt from my BASH booklet: I have heard many, but the singularly
most hurtful comment said to me over the last 50 years: "If we are around you
for any length of time, this subject (DM) will come up. No one cares to hear
about you; you are going to die sooner than other people anyway so you might
as well just face it." Absolutely! If you are around me long enough the
subject will come up! I'm required to take BGs often, my blood sugar may drop
and someone
should know what to do for me; I may be headed for DKA and instead of watching
me throw up and turn pale, please get help for me. My confusion may require me
to eat carbs. Love me, love my diabetes. DM IS a major part of my life, though
not my only part. I'm fun, too. 8^)

01/01/01 is bringing in the New Millenium!! (~_^)

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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