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[IP] Non supportive ......

Three years ago I didn't know there were so many people with DM (being 
politically correct in phrasing) that I could help me and be helped 
themselves with this list.  Fortunately this site was on a search engine and 
I followed the lead into fellowship.  I would like to echo Spot's prior 
comments to remember to support this list with $$$ whenever possible in your 
life.   The beginning of this thread about non-supportive 
spouses/relatives/poosslq's brought to mind the out of the box thinker in me 
- with large national chains (Marriott for example) in the extended care 
business maybe in areas where there is DM density we start suggesting that 
they establish centers of Diabetic Care or require xx% of their staff to be 
Diabetic Care Certified (renewed on a tri-annual basis) in order to receive 
"our" Seal of Approval.  This is not something we all need to wait until 
we're in need of care to start -- it will take some time to overcome inertia. 
  But as we have found out in the past, once we "request" something as a 
group with identifiable numbers that can be quantified into $ of profit, we 
have a greater chance of being heard - Any ideas on this. - Bob Nnn
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