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[IP] Seizure, Todd's Paralysis

My son is a 7 year old diabetic. He also had a mild seizure on day, I
didn't know what to think, thought he had a mild stroke. He was getting
ready for school and couldn't hardly use his right arm, or leg. Couldn't
hold his spoon to eat his cereal, I wasn't sure what had happened because his
bg was 75. I panicked and took him to the ER at our local hospital. Which
was a big mistake because they told me, after doing a blood and urine test
that he had a virus, to take him home, push fluids and get bed rest! I later
took him to Tyler to UT healthcenter where his pedi is and they did a full
score of tests, including a cat scan. Said that he had an extreme low
sometime during the night and came back up but it affected the left side of
his brain.
His endo the next day says that this does not happen often at all but it has
happende one other time, not as bad. Does anyone know what causes this, so
that next time i don't go into panic mode?
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No big deal but very scary. Often seizures are focal. They occur in a 
specific area of the brain and cause "focal" symptoms. Like Only the right 
arm will shake or the right side of the face. Sometimes these seizures 
will, "secondarily generalize" so that the entire body is involved. When 
this happens sometimes there is a post ictal paralysis (meaning an after 
the attack (the ictus) there is a residual paralysis. This is called a 
Todd's paralysis after the neurologist who first described the phenomenon. 
Todd's paralysis can remain for a day or two but always clears up. While 
stroke is always a possibility in any patient they are rare in children. 
unless there are other symptoms the best rule is don't panic. It's scary 
but it does happen. complete recovery is the rule. Spot happy holidaze
A Bender, M. D.
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