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Re: [IP] Jessica's ER trip

This is what I found at childrenwithdiabetes.com:   "Here is Dr. Tessa G. 
Lebinger's, MD (Pediatric Endocrinologist), lay person's explanation and 
possible causes of Todd's Paralysis "

Todd's paralysis refers to the transient paralysis of a part of the body 
which can occur after a seizure. The seizure can be caused by low blood 
sugar, or can be caused by other problems such as epilepsy or other chemical 
imbalances in the blood. The paralysis usually does not last more than 24 
hours, should completely resolve and is not usually indicative of any 
permanent brain damage. 
Transient paralysis can also be caused by low potassium levels in the blood, 
unrelated to blood sugar level. Although insulin and blood sugar can affect 
potassium levels in the blood, the level of potassium in the blood is usually 
normal after a low blood sugar episode. 

I would suggest checking the potassium level in the blood when the blood 
sugar is normal and your child is feeling fine. If it is low, I would consult 
with a pediatric endocrinologist to look for other causes such as an 
overactive thyroid or excess amount of the hormone aldosterone, which can 
also be associated with high blood pressure. 
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