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[IP] RE: Inconvenience

Sorry everyone, don't mean to be a pain in the arse but....
I think this thread started out with someone attempting to say "wow, filling 
the cartridge is the only inconvenience" in respect to his change from MDI.  
That is not saying that the cartridge is a big inconvenience, but as a fairly 
new pump user myself I found the cartridge/ bubble thing difficult, but that 
has been the only negative(and it's a rediculously minor one) of the pump 
thus far. and I think that the pumper who posted the original message was 
surprised (I know I was) that this was the only thing that  bothered him. and 
I am thrilled for that pumper.
So please, I don't think this is a basis for an argument.  I think all of us, 
even those who have been diabetic for a very short while have seen 
improvements, albeit minor ones over the short term, but improvements just 
the same. and also YMMV also applies, obviously, to everyones own experiences 
with the big D, and our responses to new technology and the changes over the 
years are relative.
So HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone.  Please let's stop this thread already.  
Jan-you have a great run down of the bulky and annoying(but grand when they 
were introduced) diabetes supplies/experience on your site.  Please post that 
address again so the curious folk can check it out.  I think it's fabulous.
hugs to everyone!
have a safe trip if your traveling
and enjoy the holiday goodies!
email @ redacted
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