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Re: [IP] Jessica's ER trip

Sorry to hear about Jessica's experience.  I am sure your nerves will be 
rattled for a few days.  My son has experienced some blood sugars in the 30s 
also, but thank G-d it was during the day.  I thought that with the pump 
(hopefully) we would get rid of those unexplained lows.  I think diabetes in 
a growing child is unpredictable at times even on the pump.  What do you 
think happened that night that Jessica went so low?  Did she exercise a lot 
before bed?  Does she check her sugar right before bed?  She may have gone to 
sleep too low.  
     I hope this never happens to Jessica again, but thanks for posting it. 
To those unfamiliar with Todd's Paralysis your post is helpful.  By the way, 
you are lucky the ER didn't do a spinal tap.  ERs are known for rushing into 
   Happy Holidays!
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