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Re: [IP] Supportive Spouses or lack of --elder care

In a message dated 12/23/00 10:44:29 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I have NO one who would

be able to knowledgeably be there if I needed it!    <snip>

I'm not too worried for the immediate future, but when I get old, and

perhaps disabled, I'm in for BIG trouble!>>

OK, there are a lot of parents on this list who really are impressive in 
terms of what they know and their ability to deal with both the everyday and 
the extraordinary.  And just what are you all going to do with all this 
knowledge when your children become independent, huh?  Anyone thought of 
going into elder care?  

I do have a husband, and grown children who presumably would take an 
interest.  But I listened to a nursing home unit head nurse (an LPN) making 
fun of a non-elderly diabetic patient who was insisting he get a set amount 
of carbohydrate in his meal to match his injection, and I don't think I 
really convinced her that what he was saying made sense, that just not eating 
sugar was not enough. (He did not stay there.)  I heard other nurses blaming 
a young woman who had lost both legs from diabetes and was blind and on 
dialysis for causing her own problems (they did not know her history, 
diabetes complications just proved fault to them)-- one of these nurses was 
morbidly obese and had a very strong family history of diabetes, but she 
didn't consider herself in any way responsible for eating sensibly or being 
more active.  (The young woman died some weeks later.  Then they blamed her 
for giving up and leaving a young son.)  These were not people I would expect 
to be able to keep me alive, much less healthy, if they were in charge of my 
insulin.  These incidents were in a very well regarded (and horrendously 
expensive) nursing home -- I have not seen any other place where I would 
expect the care to be that much better.  And they actually were very nice 
people, who I am sure perceived themselves to be helpful and caring. 

It is something I, too, worry about.

Linda Z
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