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[IP] stupid(yet funny)things we do

When I was in college at Texas A&M Unversity, I would go country dancing
every Thursday night with a big group of friends.  I noticed this girl with
whom I was attracted to and finally we ended up dancing.  It turns out that
we had each noticed each other quite some time before we actually danced
together.  She had also noticed that I wore a pager.  The first time that we
danced, she proceeded to tell me how college students do not need pagers.
How college students with pagers thought they were important and really
weren't.  And she was saying all this stuff to get a reaction out of me
because she saw the pager on my side.  Well I let this tirad go on for
almost the entire country song, with only a little smile on my face. I then
told her that I totally agreed with her.  I noticed a look of confusion
cross her face.  I then told her how I wore an insulin pump and I watched
her shrink from embarrassment while I had a good laugh at her expense.

To this day she gets embarressed when I mention this story, but I think it
is cute and sums up her personality and a lot of the traits that I love
about her.    I have since married that wonderful woman and she is a few
weeks away from having my first child.  Whenever we meet someone who is
hesitant about the pump because of the image, She doesn't hesitate to tell
the story about how we met and how she thought it was a pager.
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