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[IP] re: Jessica's ER trip

 How scary! I totally understand b/c it happened to me
4 years ago (when I was 12), my parents had no clue
what was giong on..I was paralyzed totally on the left
side, vomiting, worst migraine of my life, and my bg
was 85! The ER did a CT, which showed a little tension
of blood vessels or something from the migraine, a
spinal tap (to rule out meningitis..talk about
overkill!), and then an MRI to be sure the CT was
right... Long story, long day, my parents never forgot
it. From that day forward they checked my bg eveyr
night at 3am, sometimes more. I think that (besides
diagnosis) is the one clear diabetic memory in their
heads. Finally, I got the pump in 1999, and now they
are able to rest safely through the night. It's scary
when it happens (I was scared of giong to bed for a
few days after that) and more scary when the er
doesn't know why. I learned it was todd's paralysis
online, and my endo had a private talk wiht my mom
that it does happen, but is EXTREMELY rare.
 Just wanted you to konw it's one of those fluke
things of diabetes, hopefully it won't ever happen
again to Jessica. 

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