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[IP] Regular insulin

Does the R insulin peak at weird times?  Do you have to bolus much earlier
before eating?  I just can't imagine working with anything other than H but
is sounds so interesting.  Does it stabilize the bgs?
  Until Lilley invented LisPro insulin which is regular insulin with 2 
amino acids on the B chain which are interchanged in position there was 
nothing but Regular Insulin. or what was called zinc insulin crystalline 
insulin  Lilley also made a buffered regular insulin for pumps which they 
discontinued. both regular, buffered regular and crystalline insulin was 
porcine insulin or beef insulin. The onset of action was slower than 
Humulog and the peak was later than humulog. the effect lasting about 6 
hours. The insulins are still used today to treat DKA as they have a rather 
smooth and predictable onset of action and last a long time in the body. 
They are prepared today by r-DNA technology as human insulin. on MDI 
regimens they were often mixed with NPH or Lente Insulin in different 
ratios, 50/50 being commonly used for T1 kids and 70/30 being used for 
Adults action was always unpredictable because the NPH was only rarely 
truly neutral, there was usually an excess of protamine which combined with 
the regular. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
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