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Re: [IP] Searching...

> Is anyone else crazy enough out there to name their
> pump?I am searching for the perfect name(to christen
> my future pump) before I get one,and would appriciate
> any ideas or why-how-when you named your pumps.Thanks!


If you are up for a bit of entertainment, go to the website archives & look
up the past threads on the naming of pumps...you will find that pumpers have
a great knack for devising creative & highly appropriate names for their
constant companions.  Not long ago, someone even posted a "top thirty list"
of best pump names, in the poster's opinion!  Some of the threads focus on
why the names were chosen...I love the kinds of things people share about
themselves, with the choices they make & the reasons offered.

Also, many of the signature lines you will see on this list include the
writer AND hir (a linguistic gender-free possessive pronoun, for those
unfamiliar with that peculiar yet really handy little word) pump - so you
may be reading letters from Beth & Oscar, Lyra & Faith, Tim & Gizmo, Peaches
& Herb (as a child of the seventies, that has got to be one of my personal
favorites!), RoseLea & Max, Wendy & Kermit, Spot & Christine, Pixie &
Fluffy, Jan & Bluda Sue (not to be confused with Jan & Elvis), Jenny & Desa,
SaraSP & Pppprrreessshhhhhuuuuussss (I know I misspelled that one...that's
as close as I'm likely to get at this point!), Roger & his hockey puck,
Gordon & Roadrunner, Caitlyn & Blossom, & a host of  other dynamic duos!

n your own search, you might want to decide what the pump means to you -
life, freedom, hope, health - & pick up one of those "Baby Name" books to
see if there are names you like that carry that particular meaning.  Happy

Firmly attached to Sylvie at present...her Disetronic H-TRONplus twin Bleu
is sleeping in the "diabetic drawer" here, waiting for his turn to come out
& play!
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