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[IP] Uninformed doctors, nurses, hopitals, etc. (adult)

I have again been to the hospital.  This time
under an emergency.  My doctor had heard of my
complaints for dm care.  For the menu he put me
on the regular, but did not add the carbs as I
had asked.  He said that I could get that added
when admitted.  I was admitted after breakfast
and was fasting for surgery the next day, and so
was guessing again.  He did correct  the
testing.  He put me on 'whenever I wanted a
test' and nobody minded, which is what I
wanted.  This time I did bring my own
accessories but I will try harder to get the
carb count, rather than guessing.  I was a
terrible guesses for hospital food.  When I get
something like pudding, I have no idea how much
the carbs are.  I still think that a hospital
should be able to do as good a job as McD's,
along with most other fast food stores and
supply nutrition lists for all menu's.

For adults - I have been shaved 3 times, 3
catheterizations and dozens of inspections and
dressings changes, all by female nurses (who
have been absolutely great) and I have become
very immodest, while in the past I wouldn't want
to discuss such things even with male friends.
Children should probably not be exposed to the

I went to my new GP (new insurance), and she
needed to have an explanation of my recent
surgeries.  Which were my 3rd and 4th penile
implant procedures, the last one to clean out a
possible major infection from the prior one.
She asked why I didn't originally try viagara in
'91?  I stifled a smile as it was recently
invented, but then she asked if I wanted a
script for it now.  I very nearly rotfl and
explained how implants and viagara work.
Everything works fine for me now (that's how I
had my son) and probably better in a lot of ways
than those without.  The problems with it were
with complications and infection.

They did not replace my second implant, this
time (does not deflate).  This summer I will get
a semi rigid type.  Are there any problems,
advantages with this, rather than the
inflatable?  Should I beg, or wait longer, for a
inflatable one (which I've had 2 of, with
problems?  I no longer have my wife to consult
with.  We have been going through a terrible
divorce and because she would soon lose, she has
abducted our son.  This makes everything else
pretty minor now, but I would like some opinions
on both sides on whether the semi rigid is
better, worse or a matter of opinion (like

TIA please answer off list if it would be more
comfortable.  I don't know if there are any
penile implant support groups, but I would think
that a few would have experience on this list.
Jack Granowski
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