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Re: [IP] Re: inconvenience

> I accept what you say and I understand why you have said it, but on
> the other hand those of us who haven't been through all that (and I
> personally have been through quite a lot of it, except the pump bit)
> can't really be expected to compare what we have today with what
> happened a long time ago. We need to look forward to what we all want
> and need - a hassle-free lifestyle. Pre-loaded pump cartridges are
> just around the corner and we as diabetics need to push hard for the
> elimination of all inconveniences !! It may also depend to an extent
> on which pump you are on. I have been told that the Mini-Med is
> relatively easy to re-fill with insulin, whereas the Disetronic is
> less easy.

Someone told you wrong, Rosemary.  Both pumps are equally as 
problemsome with the bubbles, though the glass cartridges with 
the Disetronic seem a little less tenacious with the bubbles.  :>)  
Both companies have agreements with Lilly company and will be 
beginning to sell the preloaded cartridges shortly.

As to inconveniences, thats something I've resigned myself to for 
36 years now.  If anything needs pushing, that is Research and 
Education.  Our lives will never be "hassle-free" even when they 
produce the perfect algorithms for the software that determines our 
basal and bolus rates.  YMMV

And a Merry Christmas,

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