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[IP] Re: inconvenience

> Hi Jan
> <snip>
> I accept what you say and I understand why you have said it, but on the
other hand those of us who haven't been through all that (and I personally
> been through quite a lot of it, except the pump bit) can't really be
expected to compare what we have today with what happened a long time ago. We
need to look forward to what we all want and need - a hassle-free lifestyle.
<snip> Rosemary>>

Checking the archives of the Present Time, there are many listings/inquirers
who inject with syringes 4-8 times a day. That isn't that far into the past to
call it *a long time ago.* Pumping isn't for everyone - perhaps waiting until
all pumps have drop-in cartridges is best. (~_^)
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