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[IP] Re: One pump or two?

One of the things they learned from the customer
surveys, or feedback from their reps, is that
they were getting arguments from MM reps that D
was requited to supply 2 from the FDA, because
they were not as reliable as MM's, rather than
the real reason that most of Europe required 2,
even for MM.  I was told this when I told them
some of the posts on this list, while calling
about the peritoneal implant.  They weren't
gaining anything from having a better product (2
pumps, everything else is personal preference,
imo).  Some people, even on this list, have
stated that they would rather have a reliable 1
rather than an unreliable 2, because they stated
that because there were twice as many they must
be half as reliable (g).  Those were the people
that listened to the reps, rather than looking
into the facts.  I think (hope) that MM users
are more informed now, at least those on this
list..  When I got the first one ('93)
waterproof and 2 were prime considerations.  I
have not had to send anything back prematurely.
While 2 will still be on my list, it has fallen
drastically in its importance because of
personal experience, but it is comforting to
have the back-up.

Is there anything in print that rates the
unplanned repairs of the pumps?  Repair
statistics are available for autos.  The new
ones probably don't have enough user time, but
how about the ones that have been around for a
few years.  Being added to the member survey
would be good, but I would guess that most/many
new members are also new pumpers.  Anything less
than a 100% response would not mean a lot for a
member survey on the list.

>> Mystery solved! :) The reason they aren't
doing the 2 pump deal
with the DTRON and Dahedi is because they
discovered (via
customer surveys?) that most people do not use
their 2nd pump and
it just stays stashed in the closet or wherever,
getting unused.
This is what our local rep said a couple of
weeks ago when I took
the DTRON pump training seminar. <<
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Why isn't there another word that can be made by
rearranging the letters of
the word anagram?
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