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[IP] I am SO happy!

Got my period (sorry guys) and then suddenly, my bgs came under 
magnificent control.....  I hope it stays this way awhile (ok, at least 
until the hormones start building up again).

My past week's BG tests average 105.  Only 6 readings over 120 
and the highest was a brief 198.  (although there were two minor 

My parents are in town and came over and finally got to see my 
pump.  We were talking about Xmas dinner over at my sister-in-
law's and I realized that this year, I can eat *whatever*I*want*. I can 
graze all day long (sister-in-law is a gourmet chef).  AND... (here's 
the best part) I'll know that I can get my bgs back down to where I 
want them in 24 hours, instead of a whole week.
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