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Re: [IP] argghhhhhh

I've never really had a problem with arrogant doctors because I view that 
kind of situation as a challenge and then I come alive!! When you have a 
smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye I think its kind of disarming 
from the doc's viewpoint. I agree it can be very, very irritating, but you 
can turn it round by viewing it in this way and also simply by being 
well-informed about the condition. And at the end of the day, vote with your 
feet if you are not happy and change to another doc,.

I only discovered the internet quite recently and it has been a revelation 
for me! I find now that I can educate myself about my diabetes instead of 
relying on an 'expert'. No doctor (during 32 years of diabetes) had ever 
mentioned the pump to me and I had always been told that carbohydrate 
counting was old-fashioned and not really necessary at all. Being at the end 
of my tether, I recollected vaguely having seen a pump somewhere and 
researched it on the net - mostly through the other parts of this website. I 
then literally told my consultant that was what I wanted to do (he was far 
from enthusiastic) and I am having to fund it myself. BUT I feel now that I 
am in control of the situation and I feel marvellous about it. So I think 
that self-education is really important as part of countering the arrogance 
of the medics - I don't think it is intended on their part but we need to 
stand up and not let them away with it!!!

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