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Re: [IP] fat question

Fat, eh.  I'm *really* sensitive to its dasterdly effects.  
Which is a shame, because cheese, olives, and nuts are among
my favorite foods. Sigh.

wombn wrote:
>when I've had a large pasta meal with cream sauce & lots of
>cheese, I have to square for 5-6 hours, depending on my activity
>levels.  I never feel comfortable (so far) square waving that long, so I
>usually have to do a second bolus about an hour after the 3-4 hour
>square wave finishes.  I'm just cautious that way.  Ok, I'm a scaredy-cat.

That's the way I do it -- mutliple boluses. I have to because 
the H-Tron doesn't do square waves. Unless there's some trick I 
haven't learned yet, which is entirely possible.

I've been on a bit of a "diabetes holiday" today. Cookies and
egg nog (unspiked) at work this morning. Nibbled (well, more
than nibbled) on goodies at my physical therapy appointment
this afternoon. (They had a whole counter full of chocolates,
cookies, and other sweets given to them by their patients.)
Then a big potato latke feed (more sour cream, please!) tonight. 
Blood sugar has been running LOW all day -- either I'm over-
estimating how much I need to bolus (guilt?) or the fat is
slowing me down, which means that the carbs will catch up with
me eventually.....

Oh well. I don't even want to *think* about what my bgs were 
like this time last year. I could go through the roof after 
dinner tonight, and it would still be an improvement.

Happy everything!

/Janet Lafler

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