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Re: [IP] Re: inconvenience

You are right Jan, I had just been diagnosed with diab. and preg. at the 
same time. My education was sticking a ball with a needle & syringe, told to 
boil syringe and needle or keep in 90 0/0 alcohol (you can't even buy that 
any more), given an ADA food exchange booklet , a 1500 calorie diet plan, 
told to buy the Joslin Diabetes book and read it. Then when I had to check 
with clinitest I could never go potty in my little pan and would sit there 
forever, only to see the brilliant orange foaming up after I could finally 
go potty, put the drops in the vial with drops of H2O and then drop in the 
clinitest tablet. What fun! Then when I could check my blood sugar, I was 
sent to a pharmacist who taught me how. And I was told to wipe my finger 
with alcohol, let it dry, not touch anything else and then stick my finger 
and rewipe with alcohol after putting blood on strip. And I still do it that 
way. Old habits are hard to change. I go thru a ton of hand lotion and 
cream.                                                       Sue(dalgal)

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