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Re: [IP] One pump or two?

In a message dated 12/22/2000 3:03:28 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  have the H-Tron plus from Disetronic have had it for 3 years-couldn't
>  imagine not having a back-up pump.  Have only used the back up two times 
>  can't tell you the comfort it brings especially when traveling to know you
>  have a back up.  Sorry to hear Disetronic is no longer supplying a
>  back-up-think it should be a requirement here also. 

They do still provide a two pump system for the H-tron model.  The new D-tron 
model is a one pump system -- as I understand it, the D-tron is a much more 
expensive to produce design and they have to be able to pretty much price all 
their pumps the same to the insurance companies because we all know which 
they'd "pick" for everybody if there was a difference in price.  

One interesting benefit to the two pump system is that you can use your two 
pumps to program two different basal profiles (which you can also do on the 
one-pump D-tron model).  The fellow that told me about the idea of 
programming a different basal profile on each pump is used by a lot of women 
to deal with the varying insulin needs  generated from their menstrual cycle. 
 Similiarly, a guy who had different insulin needs for work days and weekends 
could have two basal profiles programmed on their 2 H-trons . . .

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